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Adieu, Naturlic Leven Mijn

Adieu, Naturlic Leven Mijn. Songs from the Koning Manuscript Brussels ca. 1500


0608917241129 | FL 72411 | 1CD
Nancy Mayer voice (1),C hristopher Kale voice (2)
Arnout Lems voice (3) Piet Stryckers renaissance viol
Peter de Clercq recorder (4) Patrick Denecker recorder (5) Ita Hijmans recorder (6).

All songs on this recording come from the Koning Manuscript, which is presently kept in the Royal Library of Brussels (ms II 270). It is a two-part manuscript, the songbook portion of which was compiled around 1500; in addition to the 29 polyphonic songs, it contains the verse text for an antiphon, songs without musical notation and spiritual poetry in Latin and Middle Dutch, and has been enriched with a number of illustrations.
The instrumental pieces on this CD are all arrangements of the songs written in a 15th Century style.