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COPLAND Appalachian Spring, Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson

Copland, Aaron

Appalachian Spring, Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson

Matthews, Emma / Northey Benjamin

ABC Classics
0028948108633 | ABC 4810863 | 1CD
Aaron Copland described Dickinson’s work as “fresh, precise, utterly unique”.  Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson are the perfect vehicle for Emma Matthews’ technical brilliance. In this recording there is a wonderful sense of the humane, of vulnerability and exquisite tenderness, her expressive genius delivering these one-way conversations most convincingly. The orchestration for the Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson is in a chamber style calling for small orchestral forces so Copland’s Appalachian Spring for 13 instruments proves the ideal coupling. This is a work that defines the essence of America in music: the wide open skies, the pioneering spirit, and the values of simplicity and directness.
‘Soprano Emma Matthews sang Copland's Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson with technical care and a glowingly resonant low register…’ Sydney Morning Herald, June 2013