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Arie Da Cantarsi

Landi, Stefano

Arie da Cantarsi

Il Festino / Grange, Manuel de

Musica Ficta
5410939802128 | MF 8021 | 1CD
This recording takes us inside the palaces of early 17th-centrury Rome and presents a fascinating array of compositions that served as background to the lives of the contemporary aristocracy. As well as pieces by Stefano Landi, there are vocal and instrumental works by Girolamo Frescobaldi and Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger, two musicians who shared with Landi the patronage of the Barberini family. Stefano Landi was a musician who throughout his career was able to develop and significantly alter his compositional style, adapting to his environment. As with many other composers of his generation, his language was initially modelled on Renaissance polyphony before evolving towards solo vocal models intended to suit both chamber and operatic contexts, opera being a genre to whose creation he contributed.

Delighting the senses and uplifting the mind though poetry, gesture and music... there, in a few words, is a summary of this ensemble’s identity. In its interpretations, Il Festino aims to be faithful to the aesthetic and declamatory rules of the 17th century, applicable not only to singing and recitation but also to instrumental music, which they play on period ins- truments. The ensemble’s singers, actors and musicians are acclaimed interpreters of 17th- and 18th-century repertoire who also work with prestigious ensembles and companies such as Le Poème Harmonique, the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, Les Paladins, Le Parlement de Musique, Ensemble Elyma and Doulce Mémoire...