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Brahms Clarinet & Piano , Op. 119 & 120

Brahms Clarinet & Piano , Op. 119 & 120

Nicolai Pfeffer & Felix Wahl

4260085533947 | AVI 8553394 | 1CD

An Unfailing Cosmos „With Opp. 119 und 120, this CD regroups the last solo piano work and the last chamber work composed by Brahms. These two genres played a major role in his output, and in these pieces one can easily hear that Brahms is drawing a finishing stroke. Their respective structures contrast as much as possible with one another – extended sonatas vs. short pieces –, thereby offering us a glimpse into the inexhaustible universe of a composer’s entire life. Placed between the two monumental sonatas, the piano intermezzos offer the listener a breather for introspection and contemplation.“ (The Artists)