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Chopin: 24 Etudes opp.  10 & 25

Chopin: 24 Etudes opp. 10 & 25

Bonino, Glanmaria

8424619696355 | C 9635 | 1CD
This album is the first attempt to restore the sound of Chopin’s studies as the composer conceived them, not only by the use of a formidable Pleyel fortepiano dated 1839, but because the performer, Gianmaria Bonino, is a musician with a deep knowledge of Chopin’s language and by extension the language of the keyboard music of the period.

f we add on top an extraordinarily clear, transparent and close recorded sound (our main aim was that the listener could hear the instrument almost like the performer does when playing), surely we will be able to consider that this CD is absolutely unique.