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Divertissements de campagne

Divertissements de campagne

Les Menus-Plaisirs du Roy

Musica Ficta
5410939802029 | MF 8020 | 1CD
The skilful fingers of the musicians of Les Menus-Plaisirs du Roy do not simply bring Boismortier’s music to life on this disc.  
The constituent elements of the programme on the present disc are drawn from several of Boismortier’s collections, including the Divertissements de campagne op.49 for musette and basso continuo (Boismortier marked the latter as optional) and the Six Suites de pièces pour
une flûte traversière seule op.35, which can also be performed without accompaniment. The vocal pieces, which complement the instrumental items have been selected from a number of different collections of airs: the result resembles something that a group of friends might have put together for a fête galante.