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Douce Félicité - Airs de cour

Douce Félicité - Airs de cour

Michel Lambert & Sébastien Le Camus

Musica Ficta
5410939802722 | MF 8027 | 1CD
Michel Lambert and Sébastien Le Camus were among the most important composers of Louis XIV’s reign. While not involved in opera, where Lully reigned supreme, they were ubiquitous in the aristocratic and intellectual salons. Their airs sérieux, published in several editions over the course of the 17th century, display to perfection the refinement and balance central to French good taste. The structure of these pieces is simple; their beauty is enhanced by flowing melodic lines, richly expressive harmony and texts that emphasise the enchantment and sweetness of love. The extensive vocal and instrumental forces used in the recording enable solo airs to be presented in alternation with polyphonic ones, highlighting the sensitivity, harmonic daring and contrapuntal mastery of the two composers.