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Gaetano Brunetti: String Quartets

Gaetano Brunetti: String Quartets

Veneris, Carmen

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Gaetano Brunetti (Fano, ca. 1744 – Colmenar de Oreja, December 16th 1798) wrote quartets during most of the time he served the Spanish monarchy.

In 1789 he became director of music of the Royal chamber. Brunetti composed most of his chamber and symphonic music, as
well as some sonatas, under the King´s patronage between 1767 and 1798. However, before 1774 he had mainly written music for plays, sonatas and trios, but between 1774 and 1776 he composed four series of string  Here we gather examples of both his first known string
quartets (quartets op. 2 and 3) and two of his latest (L.196 and L. 199[1]), with a span of more than 20 years between them. They are a good example of his musical development, since the first two were composed within months of each other in 1774, while the other two must have been written around 1790.