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Gaussin: Harmonie des Sphères

Gaussin, Alain

Harmonie des Sphères

Ensemble Sillages / Monographie / Arrii-Blachette, Philippe

3760087530247 | ASCP 1324 | 1CD
The Ensemble Sillages is comprised of Jean-Marc Fessrad: clarinette, Vincent Leterme: piano and Sophie Deshayes: flute.

The composer Allain Gaussin is a noted French composer from Normandy, who studied composition at the Conservatoire national superieur de musique in Paris with Messiaen.

The work is written in three parts merging continuously: Part 1 "Symmetries" develops interleaving multiple "figures Ribbons" (in arabesque) split by different types of mirror (flat, sloping or distorting)..

Part 2 "Malaise teenager" is a musical interlude and finally "quantum Movements" (Part 3) takes us into another world, that of the infinitely small, probably where the universe was created.