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Intégrale de l'oeuvre d'orgue (vol. 2)

Intégrale de l'oeuvre d'orgue (vol. 2)

Dominico Severin

3491421414717 | SYR 141471 | 1CD
Polymorphic personality than Massimo Nosetti. Died prematurely at only fifty-three years, he was a complete artist of international stature, organist and musician every perfect point, improviser with exceptional harmonic mastery, inventiveness, an infallible sense of form and a refined taste stamps - we maintain with deep emotion the precise memory of his unforgettable impromptu elaborations - he was an elegant and scrupulous interpreter, choirmaster and conductor, composer of music for organ, choir and for symphony orchestra, published by prestigious publishers. Professor appreciated, he taught for decades at the Conservatory "Ghedini" in Cuneo, where he had so many students that there are now valuable
soloists, he held academic master classes in Japan and the United States. He was still organizer organologue researcher, essayist ... He inaugurated various instruments and recorded the cd "made up" with strict criteria: he produced 35, reflection of its very wide repertoire,
mostly for Syrius, but also for Rusty Records , Elegia, Carrara, BNL ranging from baroque to the twentieth century.

A thorough knowledge of literature for organ was added a lighted competence in the field of design, construction and restoration of instruments which led to project various new organs of modern design. In a rare sensitivity and a deep faith Nosetti was also Director of the Italian Association of Organists Secretariat and Director of the Santa Cecilia Choir of the Cathedral of Turin, and titular organist since 2005.

More explicitly on the compositional plan, the corpus of production for organ, including this CD which offers a significant sample, is considerable. He loved above all the French school of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s French composers - no less than the Gregorian - that constitutes one of his preferred sources of inspiration. With a strong technical knowledge of his own instrument, Nosetti knew revisit the centuries-old traditional forms of literature for organ with a modern language, often marbled with modal colors, attention to the most eclectic suggestions.
Unable to analyze in detail the recorded pieces, a few words should be sufficient. If the Scherzo Rondo (dedicated to his American friend Steve Gentile) is required by the flexibility of rhythms and bold harmony, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the refined science of Variazioni on a Japanese folk theme, Sakura or The Cherry Tree (the dedication is to the "colleague" Mayumi Tozawa), elegant theme Nosetti varies with incredible harmonic fertility quasi Corale, making transmigration between the different parties, once delicately decorated now by way of walking, then played on "straights" evocative and ethereal atmospheres post Franckist, now fugato, to the solemn epilogue. A gallery of touching and dissimilar pages -
those proposed - we will of severe paraphrase the sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus in the exordium peacefully sandwiched halo of piercing calls and coppery color and so on until the conclusive Trittico based on Da pacem Domine antiphon page to a strong impact that feeds a Preludio, Corale airy colors reminiscent of a Christmas, an austere Fugato and finally a very vibrant Litany to the changing rhythms. If the Melodia variata on a theme of Tournemire reaches of dreamy intensity peaks, glassy, delicious Pastoral moves us along, impregnated with an affectionate simplicity, resolved in a
festive gaiety. Analogously the harmonic richness of the remaining pages are proving no less admirable, in turn kneaded communicative joy and intimate and ineffable sweetness and impregnated with an exuberant virtuosity as in the case of the Toccata designed in homage to Flor Peeters, a kaleidoscope of images that gives the unforgettable Nosetti, the most authentic portrait of the profound interiority