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Samuel / Jongen Symphony No. 6 / Three Symphonic Movements

Samuel / Jongen Symphony No. 6 / Three Symphonic Movements

Brabbins, Martyn / Royal Flemish Philharmonic

Royal Flemish Philharmonic
5425008373157 | RFP 006 | 1CD
The Royal Flemish Philharmonic is proud to present its recordings in three high quality series, each with its distinct character. Belgian Boutique uncovers hidden gems from Belgium’s Romantic composers. Cutting Edge documents remarkable works of contemporary classical music.

The second Belgian Boutique CD combines works by two composers from the South of Belgium. First there is the mystical, Wagnerian Sixth Symphony by Jewish composer Adolphe Samuel, in which he presents the story of the Creation. Then there is Joseph Jongen’s last orchestral piece, the neo-impressionist Three Symphonic Movements. ‘It is all extraordinary music, very special and spectacular’, conductor Martyn Brabbins explains. ‘You can really feel that Belgian music is situated somewhere between the French and the German repertoire. As a Brit, I find it extremely interesting to discover this unexplored repertoire.’