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Sirius Saxophone Quartet & friends meet Carlos Micháns

Michans, Carlos

Sirius Saxophone Quartet & Friends meet Carlos Micháns

Sirius Saxophone Quartet

8713897903492 | COBRA 0042 | CD

The six works selected for this CD are good examples of Micháns’ great affinity with the saxophone. Starting with “Musique pour Saxophone” a solo of 1984, every single quality of the instrument is explored: its rich expressiveness, huge range and astounding technical possibilities. The music, however, remains central en never succumbs to the often extreme difficulty, as in “Purana”, or The complex, polyphonic texture of the Quartets and of “Trois Visions Tantriques”. With its pure, warm tone, the soprano saxophone seduces us in each dialogue with the other instruments in “Après Minuit”. 

The Sirius Saxophone Quartet, one of Holland’s most exciting ensembles of its kind at the moment, decided to mark their fifth anniversary with a series of concerts, workshops and a documentary film, all leading to a CD-recording of music by Carlos Micháns. What attracted them to the music by Micháns was, besides its chal- lenging technical aspects, the richness of expression, contrasting moods and rhythmical diversity, all of which have an immediate appeal to both players and listeners. According to Sirius, “Micháns’ passion for music can be heard in each one of his works, which is greatly appreciated by the audience and often makes of a concert a memorable experience.” The same can be said about this remarkable CD, thanks to the wonderful collaboration of the Sirius Saxophone Quartet with violinist Amarins Wierdsma, harpist Astrid Haring, percussionist Christiaan Saris and pianist Mariken Zandvliet

On his own music Carlos Micháns says: “I do believe it to be contemporary and to reflect some aspects of our time more strongly than others, ‘our time’ meaning not just this very instant but the last few decades and even further. After all, we haven’t spent more than a thousand years creating and developing techniques, in order to stick to the latest ones and discard the rest as obsolete.” 

The (DVD) documentary film by Gijs and Leonard Besseling included in this CD shows different aspects and stages of the preparations for the recording of this CD: rehearsals, dialogues with all players and with Carlos Micháns, as well the SSQ in concert. It is a valuable testimony of the enormous amount of work and effort invested in achieving the top-quality deserved by both the audience and the music itself.