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Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater

Ensemble RosaSolis

Musica Ficta
5410939802623 | MF 8026 | 1CD
Luigi Boccherini produced only a modest amount of sacred music. We know, however, that he wrote sacred works throughout his life. The work which most of all represents Boccherini’s vocal output in the eyes of the wider public is the Stabat Mater G. 532. It is the original version of the Stabat
Mater composed in 1781 and scored for soprano and string quintet which is recorded here.

The Quintet op. 45 No.1 featured on this disc is an unfamiliar work. It was written during March 1792, at which time Boccherini was employed as composer to the court of King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia. Referred to as an “Opera Grande” according to Boccherini’s classification, the piece is considered to be one of the maturest works of Boccherini’s German period: at a time of significant development in the string quintet, the composer attains a rare harmonic and melodic balance in which the two cellos, never doubling one another, attain an almost symphonic autonomy that erases all trace of their one-time continuo role.