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Symphony No.8 / American String Quartet (arranged for Wind Quintet by David Walter)

Dvorak, Antonin

Symfoni 8 / Stråkkvartett Den amerikanska (arr för blåskvintett)

Waart, Edo de / Royal Flemish Philharmonic

Royal Flemish Philharmonic
5425008373140 | RFP 005 | 1CD
When Dvořák premiered his Eight Symphony in 1890 in Prague, the audience witnessed one of the most beautiful symphonies from the high romantic era. This generous and brilliant symphony is not only a truly melodic composition, but also an original contribution to the symphonic repertoire. While in form it is a traditional four-part symphony, Dvořák demonstrates his refreshing manner of writing in every movement. Also on this CD is an adaptation of Dvořák’s famous American string quartet for woodwinds, recorded by the Royal Flemish Philharmonic Wind Quintet. ‘The string quartet is undoubtedly the purest form of chamber music’, hoboist Piet Van Bockstal explains. ‘This is, however, a brilliant transcription for wind quintet. The fresh and vivid sound of the woodwinds brings out the melodic richness of Dvořák’s travels through America.’