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Vokal und Instrumentalmusik aus der Marienkirche zu Lübeck

Hasse / Tunder / Buxtehude

Vokal- och intstrumentalmusik från Mariakyrkan i Lübeck

Capella St. Marien / Unger, Johannes

4025796014112 | VKJK 1411 | 1CD
This selection of music for voice, instruments and organ composed by Petrus Hasse, Franz Tunder and Dieterich Buxte- hude was recorded on the occasion of the 400th birthday of Franz Tunder, the organist and Werkmeister (administra- tor) of the Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church) in Lübeck from 1632–1667.
Representative – mostly vocal – compositions by the composer are presented by the Capella St. Marien under the direction of Johannes Unger. Tunder’s vocal music as well as his organ fantasies are characterized by a remarkably expressive compositional technique and thus offer unique possibilities to the interpreters.
The CD relates the music of Franz Tunder with that of his successor at St. Mary’s in Lübeck Dieterich Buxtehude and with compositions by Petrus Hasse, who worked here during the earlier 17th century and is today seen as influential to Tunder’s musical career.
The CD contains Hasse’s “Missa 7 vocum” and Tunder’s “Sinfonia à 7 Viole” in first recording.